The Knowledge Bus Global School- Greater Mohali in association with The Knowledge Universe Singapore, a chain of over 3000 schools worldwide on the platform of providing highest standards of Education aiming at ‘Sharpening minds and Shaping Futuristic believes towards a progressive era’.

The Knowledge Bus Global School offers a child centric approach and activity based learning module. The core of this approach is based on dual curriculum advantage offered by the school – University of Cambridge , UK and CBSE.

Situated in a sprawling 6 acres campus, The Knowledge Bus Global School – Greater Mohali is designed at par with international standards to offer high-end infrastructure. Driven by technology , the infrastructure also offers 24X7 connectivity to online knowledge banks through Wi-Fi Networks.

The Knowledge Bus Global School – Greater Mohali is a threshold for holistic develpoment.Additional facilities like Yoga, a well ventilated activity Room, a soundproof and well- furnished Music and Dance Room as well as an Open Auditrium in the School campus allows the cildren to showcase their Talent to a larger audience. Students at our School are well groomed in the Aesthetic air-conditioned school campus. Putting Special focus on sports facilities like Cricket, Swimming, Basket Ball, Skating, Golf Simulator, Taekwondo, Lawn Tennis and Table Tennis are offered in the school premises. TKB Global School, Greater Mohali, encourages a child to explore every dimension of Physical Education.


The knowledge bus endeavors to create the leaders of excellence on a global education platform. To foster creativity, visualization, inherent intelligence and communicative skills by implementing expert learning practices for a child's bright future.

To offer an exceptional educational environment that develops compassionate, ethical and global citizens who are equipped to achieve their potential in education, work and life.


Mission - Advocating "grasping from interactive experience". The Knowledge Bus Global thrives to provide an extensive educational background for children to regulate their learning abilities. Our commitment in the requisite direction stands for

  • Enhancing Socialism
  • Refining communication
  • Boosting communication
  • Channelizing visual outlook
  • Developing reciprocal skills
  • Continuous professional and infrastructural development
  • Parental partnership

To prepare students for an ever changing and challenging world.

To instill in them a passion for learning and a spirit of inquiry that integrates practical and intellectual perspectives.

To help students grow into responsive and responsible global citizens.

To foster in them respect and care towards others and the environment.

To provide the school community an environment which is a blend of universal values, pedagogy and innovation.

Chairman's Message

Do not confine your children to your own learning, for they have been born in another time,' goes a Hebrew saying. In a globalized world, where boundaries are fast blurring, how do we give our children education that is relevant, responsive and responsible? With this thought, we started off as a genuine quest to give young minds an education that goes beyond the confines of classroom walls and prepares them to find their place in a fast changing world. We searched and researched, found out what the education process in the country was and how it should be. After much deliberation, study of the humane pedagogical process and examining the various educational institutes in the country and abroad, we affirmed that it was time for a transformation in education, for a new wave in education. And thus was born TKB Global School, Mohali.

Learning Environment

TKB Global School Mohali has been built in 5 acres of land and it is a lush green campus in the heart of Mohali. The green spaces provide adequate place for nature study and free play. The classrooms at TKB Global School, Mohali are large and airy with plenty of natural light. The corridors are wide and child friendly. The entire building is centrally air conditioned. Every care has been taken to ensure that the best is provided for each child entering the TKB Global campus. The school has a state of the art Computer Lab, a Yoga room, a well ventilated Activity Room, a sound proof and well-furnished Music and Dance Room which will provide spaces for holistic development. An Open auditorium as part of the school campus allows TKB Global School, Mohali, children to showcase their talents to a larger audience. Driven by technology, the infrastructure offers 24x7 connectivity to online knowledge banks through Wi-Fi networks. Smart Building Management Systems ensure that the infrastructure is secure and updated Learning Environment.